I had such a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Part of which was having the privilege to attend a yoga workshop centered around mothers and caregivers, caring for themselves. It might seem obvious that mothers know how to ‘take care’. After all, it is what we DO. We make sure food is on the table, everyone’s dressed, the house is clean, the cars have gas, the dishes are done… (need I go on?) We spend our time taking care of everyone else.

Though I will say I am fortunate enough to be able to take care of my self on a pretty regular basis. Between my workouts, yoga classes, runs, occasional pedicures, its not all that often that I personally feel depleted. However, I do also believe that there is always room for evolution. A new lens you could look through to change the perspective on your reality in order to make it even that much more rose colored.

My take away from this workshop was this:

We were asked to think about the person we think about the most, the person we care for the most, someone we take care of. Then we were asked to turn that love and thoughtfulness inward on to ourselves.

Yep… tears welled up.

I take care of my little one, even when I’m not with him. He is in my heart always.  Not only do I feed, bathe, clothe him, I hug him and kiss him, and see him as a reflection of spirit that I was part in creating.

What if I were to love MYSELF, the way that I love him???

What if I were to hold myself, my confidence, my struggle, my strength, my fatigue, my curiosity in such a tender way???

What if I were to acknowledge all of the love and vibrancy, in myself, that I see in him???

What if, all of us mothers, were to love ourselves as we love our children???

I can’t help but think that the world would be a better place.