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A friend of mine recently posted a message that she was alone in her house for the first time in a while and wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself.

There was no pitter-patter of little feet and no giggles down the hall. No cartoons laughing on the tv.

She could actually see the surfaces of her kitchen counters. She had already gone out to dinner one night by herself. She decided to stay in, with the eerie quiet. She posted looking for suggestions of what to do with her time.

My response: ‘isn’t it a beautiful thing when you realize the life you have is that much better than the life you thought you wanted.’ *


*I have my wise moments


Spring is my favorite season.

The cold weather wanders away, little buds pop up on every tree, the birds seem to be singing a happier song.

There’s so much transformation that happens in nature. Its easy to focus on what we see and assume that its all beautiful and simple.

But don’t be fooled.

Underneath, the earth is quivering.

It is no small feat for the tulip to push to the surface, ‘I’ve arrived’!

And the long journey that the birds make through the winter is no mistake.

And YOU.  As fearful as you may be to shed the skin thats been protecting you for the last however long… its time.

You are the point THE UNIVERSE has been trying to make.

And because you are who you are, no matter how many times you climb back in bed, no matter how many times you are told ‘no thank you’, no matter how many times you try to talk yourself out of it… YOU will be who you are.

Just as the tulip knows how hard her journey will be to see the sun itself. She must MOVE. She must WAKE UP.

There is a gift that you were meant to share, my friend. What better time than NOW.