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In Yoga Philosophy the term is ‘asteya’, meaning non-stealing, non-hoarding, non-coveting. As content as I generally consider myself, lately I’ve been really struggling with this one.

A friend of mine posted a picture on FB of her, holding her baby (6 months younger than mine), and showing off her abs (a 6-pack harder than mine). Believe me, I am totally excited for her! But my mind automatically went to: ‘Wow Sara, should’ve been working a lot harder on it this whole time… you really haven’t been dedicated to yourself have you… now you KNOW your a little soft still, why haven’t you been working that hard… and so on, and so on, until my mood had gone completely sour and everyone else (poor hubz) had to pay for it.

After a mediocre nights sleep and some time to cool down I decided to give myself some credit. I have never had a six pack in my life! Why do I think that I would have one after having a baby? And no, I probably haven’t worked out as hard as I could’ve been since having the baby, but I haven’t felt I needed to, until I started wanting what someone else had. I was feeling pretty content with my own progress and the balance I was achieving in my own life until I fell into the trap of coveting her body. This trap, I’m sure, sadly familiar to most females.

The best thing for me to do is to take a really honest look at where I am, and where I want to be. Usually when this ‘wanting what I don’t have’ scenario rears its ugly head there’s something behind it. My feeling is that I am probably ready for more, and not giving myself that extra little push to get there. I’m stronger than I think!  And, I probably have been babying my body for the last 2 years- pun intended.

So, I’m going to ramp up my training. It always helps to find things I’m passionate about to really get motivated, so I’m running outside again, finally! Also, with the weather being so great lately I can start going to Red Rocks for my cardio workouts. Of course I’ll be doing yoga as much as possible, but its not going to trim the fat, so I’ll add in weight training 2x/ week at first, then I’ll check back in at the end of May and see how I feel. Hopefully I will have sweat away any of the negative residue of wanting someone else’s body, and be happy with my own.


Springtime lends itself so nicely to change.  Its a great time to consider the things we don’t love about ourselves or our habits and to go through a spring cleaning of sorts.

Just in the first few weeks of spring I’ve noticed that my motivation has skyrocketed and I am really on a roll. I’m trying not to get too wrapped up in the obvious point that I am nearly completely unproductive during the months of December, January and February.

Something that I was hoping to change this spring were some of my health habits. I’ve already written about sugar, so we all know this is one of them. I’m planning to coordinate a cleanse the week of April 29- so that’s one solution. Another issue all together is that I was having trouble walking because of this sacral issue I was dealing with. I’ve been religious about doing the exercises the chiropractor gave me and as a result I am feeling great. As an added bonus, I have notice more tone in my tushy!

The exercises from the Dr. are purely rehabilitative. But I think it proves a strong point: that you don’t have to rock the world with the changes you create. Little steps, with a lot of diligence can make huge differences. Maybe you fall in the category of wanting to switch to whole grains. Maybe you want to add swimming to your workout routine. You could even do squats, situps and pushups everyday for 10 days and see what happens.

My point being that if you are putting in the right effort, with the right intention, you are going to receive the right result.

Man, that Buddha guys really knew what he was talking about 😉