Its possible you’ve heard before about yoga being meditation in movement, but what does that mean.

Many folks don’t have a very strong relationship with meditation or even know what it is.

Last week when I was at Red Rocks doing my workout I had a moment of meditation in movement.  My sense of Self became so clear and my connection to my breath was so strong that even my pullups and core work became something bigger than just the actions themselves.

Yoga in and of itself has the potential to become a spiritual practice for anyone, which could be why the idea of meditation in movement is consistently paralleled to it. I define it that way because, for me, meditation is part of my spiritual practice. Therefore I can meditate and/ or practice my spirituality at any given point during any given activity throughout the day. I can meditate while I’m feeding the baby or I can meditate while I am working out, or even, yes, sitting on my cushion in front of my alter. Yoga lends itself to meditation because it draws our attention to the present moment, to the sensations of our body and a connection to our breath. But as I stated previously, we can practice these things anytime we want.

It may sound crazy, but as I was running the stairs I felt so strong, focused and calm at once. At the end of the workout I felt like a new person. This is something that any kind of meditation has to offer us. The power is in the intention. What’s the saying- ‘anything worth doing is worth doing well’. The questions then are did you plug-in? Did you perform the action from a truthful place without attachment to the outcome? Were you present and have a clear picture of the experience as it happened? Yes? Then you were meditating my friend.

Here are a couple good things I find create great opportunities to practice meditation throughout the day:

– a consistent morning ritual ex: I get out of bed, pour my coffee, and sit down in front of my alter to breath and set my intention for the day

– driving! great place to meditate! Use your breath or even a mantra. Wouldn’t roads be a safer place if we were all doing this?

– cooking, cleaning (could make either more enjoyable!)

– yoga, running, core- something simple like bringing your hands together in prayer position in front of you or awareness in your breath can take these activities to another level.

Let me know how it goes.