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I did it!

I have attained my pre-baby-weight!!!

Wow it feels good!

I generally have not been the type of person to watch the scale. I always relied more on how I felt: was I strong, did my clothes fit, could I do the things I wanted to do. Some days your bloated, some weekends you have too much fun. But for the past 3 months (because I was not trying to actively lose weight the first month) I have stepped on the scale every Friday morning to make sure I was making the slow gradual weight loss I was aiming for.

Here’s how I did it:

I know that 1 pound/ per week is considered healthy, gradual weight loss. That means I needed a deficit of 3500 calories every week (3500 calories=1 lbs). That calorie deficit came from either eating fewer of them, or burning more of them. I did also take in to consideration that I was breast feeding the whole time, so I couldn’t take my calories too low. Instead I planned a consistent routine (‘consistent’ of course has a way different meaning than it did pre-baby) that would burn calories in different ways throughout the week. For example, my intention for my workouts is cardio m/w/f. I run, hike or walk- all of which I can do with the little guy. Sunday and Wednesday are yoga days. Tuesday and Thursday are circuit days, meaning I do a circuit at the house or head up to red rocks. Here’s the best part- some of these activities overlap, which is a bonus because I end up doing 2-a-days without even really noticing (I hike and do yoga on Wednesdays).  And when I make plans with friends I try to include activity like a walk or a yoga class. As far as nutrition I loosely follow the Eat-Clean Diet, because I have found it makes the most logical sense for my lifestyle.

Something else I did is I tried my best to stay healthy throughout my pregnancy, and to stay within the guidelines of ‘healthy weight gain’. Jessica Simpson has been in the media lately having claimed that losing the baby weight has not been that easy for her. I tend to believe its not easy for anyone. My objection to her statement is that she let herself gain too much weight to begin with. Any healthy pregnancy reference you find will explain healthy weight gain and the expectations of a womans’ body as she goes through this life changing event. Considering all is well in the pregnancy- allowing yourself to gain 85 pounds is NOT healthy. And when you do that you obviously have a longer road to losing it all. Whether you are pregnant or not, a healthy lifestyle is the best way to stay fit, trim and vibrant.

What seems even more important to me than losing the weight is that I have gained such a profound respect for my body. Having a child is life changing in so many ways, but losing weight is a true transformation as well. Now that I have done both I find myself actually loving my body, which is a totally new experience and one that I wish I could share with more women who are fighting demons that I too once had in the back of my mind. My words of wisdom: set a goal, be very clear with yourself, put a support team together and go for it! You have so much to lose but even more to gain!


In an effort to live my life more consciously I have been telling myself, for a while, that I’ve really got to be mindful about what I send out in to The Universe. Well, this past weekend as I was finishing a very grueling yoga class I had my 162,891 post-yoga epiphany…

This idea of ‘being mindful’ had actually transformed itself into fear. I realized at the end of this particular practice, as I was laying in savasana, that I had in fact made myself afraid of The Universe! Shame on me! What a hypocrit I am.  I’ve told many of my friends that pretty much all of the major events that have happened in my adult life have happened because I meditated on them and planned them out with The Universe. I’ve told my friends this in an effort to get them to meditate, but it does also happen to be true.  To compound this, last year I had a dear friend of mine confirm that The Universe was pretty much in agreement with the things I wanted and would want to create in my life. How had I become afraid?

In the midst of all of my belief in the powers of The Universe, I had somehow made It out to be more like The Mighty Powerful Oz or something. I had made myself afraid of the very powers that had already given me so much to be grateful for. My belief of and connection to The Universe is something I try to cultivate on a moment to moment basis. I challenge myself everyday to live in a way that mirrors these beliefs. So how had I become afraid and why? Why wouldn’t I ask The Universe for anything and everything I mean to create, especially if The Universe has always come through for me in the past.

The answer was fear, yes, but of what?

Rejection. Judgement.

The same way that a girl sits and waits for the guy to make the first move, I have been allowing myself to sit and wait for The Universe to bestow upon me whatever and whenever It seemed fit. My fear of being told ‘No’ and my fear of asking for what I want was actually preventing me from identifying exactly what that is.  So now, in an effort to continue living with intention, I intend to overcome this fear and to ask The Universe for whatever seems to be in my heart.  The hard part comes next… what do I want?