As a person who thrives on order it doesn’t take much for me to feel off balance. There was a day last week that I realized I was impatient with everyone and really feeling anxious and frustrated.  My gut told me it must’ve been because I had been thrown off my schedule. Then as I analyzed my feelings of angst and frustration a little more I knew it had to be because I hadn’t been to a yoga class in a week, I hadn’t been for a run in a week and I hadn’t done my red rocks workout.

Now this may seem a little Type A, but all of these things happen on specific days at specific times, so I was completely out of whack. I had been active, but in different ways. However, what seemed to be effected by my lack of regime was my mental and emotional health.

This is a part of health and wellness that I think gets sorely undersold. We know, after all, that mental and emotional health really do have an impact on our individual workouts, and on our health in general. You’ve felt it I’m sure.

Obviously there has to be some give and take, like I said, at least I was still active, but the regularity in my schedule is something I hold on to for a few reasons: I can measure my results more easily, I look forward to doing the things I love that challenge me, I know when its time to change it up.  So I’ve got to recommit to my schedule, get a good support network to keep me on track (a.k.a. husband) AND get back to my meditation.  This is all made even more difficult with a little one, but when I am more mentally and emotionally balanced I am better for everyone around me!