Over the weekend I had a friend text me: ‘You should start a blog, you always give such good advice.’

My reply: ‘I already have one.’

Her next questions: ‘Whats it about?’

My answer: ‘Well mostly up to this point its been about my insecurities.’

BOOM- the eye opening moment that has put me back on course.

My intention for this Mind Body Battalion concept was to create a space where we can exchange experiences and learn from each other. What it has turned out to be is the ranting of a new mom with an unexpected body and vanity that has not yet been put in its place. Though I would like to say that I think all new moms can relate/ take something away from my sharing these insecurities. I’d like to be more impactful. I’d much rather inspire people to achieve more than they could imagine- I’m actually kind of good at it. Funny to say that and realize I have not been my own best cheerleader as of late! So, lets consider this a course correction and a reconnection with my intention to come from a place that offers the lemonade that comes from life’s most bitter lemons. Better yet, let’s make Limoncello!