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As a person who thrives on order it doesn’t take much for me to feel off balance. There was a day last week that I realized I was impatient with everyone and really feeling anxious and frustrated.  My gut told me it must’ve been because I had been thrown off my schedule. Then as I analyzed my feelings of angst and frustration a little more I knew it had to be because I hadn’t been to a yoga class in a week, I hadn’t been for a run in a week and I hadn’t done my red rocks workout.

Now this may seem a little Type A, but all of these things happen on specific days at specific times, so I was completely out of whack. I had been active, but in different ways. However, what seemed to be effected by my lack of regime was my mental and emotional health.

This is a part of health and wellness that I think gets sorely undersold. We know, after all, that mental and emotional health really do have an impact on our individual workouts, and on our health in general. You’ve felt it I’m sure.

Obviously there has to be some give and take, like I said, at least I was still active, but the regularity in my schedule is something I hold on to for a few reasons: I can measure my results more easily, I look forward to doing the things I love that challenge me, I know when its time to change it up.  So I’ve got to recommit to my schedule, get a good support network to keep me on track (a.k.a. husband) AND get back to my meditation.  This is all made even more difficult with a little one, but when I am more mentally and emotionally balanced I am better for everyone around me!


I have been very goal oriented my whole life. In the last few years I’ve set many different fitness goals for myself- and accomplished them all: Fitness video appearance, half marathon, handstand in the middle of the room. I speak from experience when I say that setting goals and having a plan is the best way to get what you want in any facet of life. So, my goal to lose the last 10 lbs baby weight has proved to be far more challenging than I thought, and I seemed to have hit a plateau late in June. Thus true to past experience I have refreshed my plan and am polishing my attitude.

As of July 8 I have recommitted to eating clean. I was tracking my calories on an app in my phone and realized that, though I don’t eat what I would call a lot of sweets, my sugar had gotten a little out of control as well as my salt and I was lacking the protein necessary to sustain/ build my muscle back.

For my workouts- I am taking every opportunity I have to be active. I have scheduled workouts, but also have been going for hikes and walks- baby in-tow. I realize I need to be doing resistance work at least 2 times a week and I strive for 2-3 yoga classes as well. And now I’m back to teaching my regular schedule so the extra core work is built in 🙂

The key to my focus these last few days has been one meal/ one day at a time. My vision is that my diligence and awareness will create the change I’m looking for. The old saying goes ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

Over the weekend I had a friend text me: ‘You should start a blog, you always give such good advice.’

My reply: ‘I already have one.’

Her next questions: ‘Whats it about?’

My answer: ‘Well mostly up to this point its been about my insecurities.’

BOOM- the eye opening moment that has put me back on course.

My intention for this Mind Body Battalion concept was to create a space where we can exchange experiences and learn from each other. What it has turned out to be is the ranting of a new mom with an unexpected body and vanity that has not yet been put in its place. Though I would like to say that I think all new moms can relate/ take something away from my sharing these insecurities. I’d like to be more impactful. I’d much rather inspire people to achieve more than they could imagine- I’m actually kind of good at it. Funny to say that and realize I have not been my own best cheerleader as of late! So, lets consider this a course correction and a reconnection with my intention to come from a place that offers the lemonade that comes from life’s most bitter lemons. Better yet, let’s make Limoncello!

Well, I hit rock bottom.

Even though crying on my run seemed to give me the strength and energy I needed to make the whole 30 minutes, it was a wake up call.

I’ve always been an able bodied person. This post-baby body is really holding me back. I have aspirations you know.  Last summer I ran my first half marathon. My goal was to finish- and so I made sure I could by training and preparing. I set the same goal for myself this summer, but now I’m realizing I don’t think I can.

So whats the best way to handle this? Of course its difficult to accept a reality that is different than what you want, but then I guess its not a reality. That 30 minutes that I ran last weekend made me recognize that I’ve put so much pressure on myself to be ready for this race that I have lost sight of what me and my body truly need right now- time, patience, compassion.

So yes- I did cry. I cried because I’ve never had to tell myself ‘you can’t do it’. But I’m gradually starting to feel better about accepting this because the pressure is gone. Instead I need to be focused on health- mental and emotional as well as physical, which is not the path I was headed down with a goal of half marathon in August. Thats not to say that its the same for everyone, but there is something liberating about accepting where we are. In yoga and in buddhism its called ‘Santosha’, a very sweet word meaning ‘contentment’.