Shopping for swimsuits is one of the most brutal tasks for women. After participating in this personal punishment yesterday I was pretty discouraged. All alliteration aside its difficult enough to shop for swimsuits when your NOT looking at a body that doesn’t seem like your own. I spent the first 30 years of my life learning to love my no-curves-barely-there-chest-but-perfect-for-all-the activities-I-d0 body. Now I have to look at myself with boobs, and curves where I wouldn’t have wanted them in the first place. It made me feel like I was 15 all over again- awkward and insecure.

In the heat of the moment I text my mom, ever the emotional support fortress, but also optimistic to a fault. “Swimsuit shopping is even worse now” I text. Her response: “Not forever”. So leave it to Mom to see the bright side of things, but a great reminder none the less. The body that I have now is not going to stay this way, nor will it ever be the same as it was. Just as the process of becoming a mother is a journey, so the journey back to pre-pregnancy weight is a process. And if we ever feel stuck in our process or that there is not reprieve in sight, the only certainty in life is change. All is evolution.