As I try to work myself back in to shape 7 weeks post baby I have been realizing several things:

1. I totally took for granted how ‘in shape’ I was when I was scrutinizing myself for NOT being ‘in-shape’ enough!

2. I totally took for granted all of the time I spent working out and on my mat!

3. I totally took for granted the time I had and that I didn’t have to share it, plan it or spend it with someone else.

Now, I understand that I am not the first woman to realize these things. But, I DO want to use this wisdom to make sure that I stop taking what I have for granted, and use this space in life as a practice of presence.

As challenging as it is and will be to lose this last 10 lbs of baby weight WITH a new baby. I want to focus on this opportunity to empathize with so many other people. People who have disabilities and way bigger challenges than I have. People who are far more over weight than I- and have real adversity and physical difficulty working out. And lastly, some compassion for myself. To remember that I just had a baby, the one thing that women were given the privilege to do in this life and that makes things different.  My body is different, my priorities are different, my perspective is different.  And though I may get discouraged I hope to remember all the people I share this journey with and to utilize that thread as motivation to keep on going!