At the beginning of last year I set out to accomplish everything I thought I had left to accomplish- before my life was over. I taught yoga at a surf camp in Ecuador, I ran my first half marathon, I started contributing to a Yoga Teacher Training program and I intended to establish my business as a personal trainer/ yoga instructor/ life coach. And then, I got pregnant. Well I actually got pregnant in the middle of all of those events. I carried on with all that I was doing, the exception being that I never really got any momentum built on my personal business. Now that I’ve had my baby (April 27 in fact) I am getting ready to get back to work. But my perspective is quite different. Not just because having a baby changes things, but because I was wrong about thinking my life would be over. Instead I have new reasons to stay motivated, set career goals, challenge my self physically and make sure that everyday counts in as many ways as possible. I hope to share my journey with whomever is in need of the motivation to do the same.

I have 10 pounds left to lose post- baby, but am far from the body that I had/ want. I aspire to run the same half marathon this year as I did last year- Georgetown to Idaho Springs, in August. I want to learn to teach my little one how to hang out in a kangaroo sling. I want to travel to Tibet with my husband to see the Himalayas. So it seems that just when we think our work is done, its only just begun.

We begin where we are.